Part 11: Interview with Authors of “Fenix and the Firework Fliers: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story”

Introducing “Fenix and the Firework Fliers” by Once Upon a Dance, Christine Herbert and Scott Partridge

Embark on a thrilling adventure with Fenix, a brave firefly, determined to aid Bolt, a grounded Firework Flier. Together, they journey to the towering heights of the Silver Birch Forest for the Solstice Celebration. Along the way, Fenix faces challenges from forest creatures. Will Fenix conquer her fears and reach the summit in time? Who will be named Spirit of the Year? And what dazzling display will the fireflies create? Join the excitement as this delightful tale unfolds, sparking imagination and encouraging physical activity. With gender-neutral pronouns and simplified dance terms, it’s perfect for classrooms and families alike. Discover the magic of Fenix and the Firework Fliers.  

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  • Can you describe the collaborative process between the author and illustrator, and how you ensured cohesion between text and visuals?

I asked the illustrator to make a few changes to keep everything connected, so the story was done, Scott created, and then we tweaked as necessary.

  • What do you hope readers will find most memorable or impactful about Fenix’s story?

That friends don’t have to be alike or be good at the same things to enjoy and support each other.

  • How does the book encourage imagination and creative thinking beyond the confines of the narrative?

The central theme is thinking creatively about solving a problem. We also encourage readers to try different moves, act out the story differently from reading to reading, and explore some movement challenges that ask readers to think about new concepts.

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